Naughty Nurses BBQ


We are a husband and wife barbecue competition and catering team. Since the most often asked question we get is; “Who is the naughty nurse?” we’ll answer that right now. We are both nurses with a combined 40+ years in the field, most of which has been in the critical care areas. As for the naughty one, that would be Greg, while Kristi is nice. Webster’s definition fits Greg very well…………


Greg has long enjoyed grilling and tried using a cheap smoker without much success. Then we got a Good-One patio smoker and it was on.  After a couple years a coworker convinced us to enter a local competition. With no knowledge of competitive barbecue, I called the organizer and asked what was needed to compete. Her answer was “it helps if you have a smoker”. She also suggested we visit the KCBS website which we did and we were all set. We arrived at the competition with a flat bed trailer, the Good-One, a Brinkman water smoker and a charbroil grill. Fortunately we didn’t know anyone so we weren’t intimidated by the fact we were surrounded by 4 of the top teams in the country. We had a good time and didn’t come in last so we were hooked.

That was in 2008 and in the years since we have upgraded our equipment and have made many good friends. We’ve had some category wins and top 5 overall finishes but we’re still looking for the first grand championship. We look forward to participating in the American Royal Invitational and hope someday to be drawn for the Jack Daniels World Championship.

As more people were asking for us to cook for them, in 2010 we bought a trailer and took the necessary steps to become licensed as a mobile kitchen. In May 2011 we responded to a call for volunteers to help cook for the people of Joplin Missouri after they were struck by a massive tornado. We became a Founding Member team of Operation BBQ Relief and have since responded to two more deployments after towns that suffered tornado damage.

The resilience and compassion of people is an amazing thing to see at times like this. I think every person who has been involved in this has come out a better person.