Cherokee Strip Cook Off

This past weekend we cooked the Cherokee Strip Cook Off in Ponca City Oklahoma. It’s always a good contest but we’ve had scheduling conflicts the last couple of years and couldn’t make it so we were glad to be there again this year.

We didn’t get off to a good start as we spent most of Thursday evening in the emergency room instead of trimming meat because I had a kidney stone that decided to plug up my right kidney. As much as I dislike trimming chicken that would have been a thousand times more fun! We got home around midnight and Kristi made her cheese cakes and worked on the ribs while I wondered around checking out all the pink and purple elephants in the house.

Friday morning I felt considerably better and headed to Ponca City while Kristi had to work. I got our site set up, trimmed the chicken and got the big meats ready. Kristi made it down in time to enjoy supper with our friends the Powells who were celebrating several birthdays that were just past or coming up in the next few days.

When it was time to get started I got to try my programmed setting for competitions on the Cookshack IQ5 controller, which worked like a charm. Turn ins were an hour early which meant everything went on an hour earlier but we stayed on time and got all the categories when they were due.

There once was a time we were known for the cinnamon rolls we had at breakfast but we’ve been trying to ear healthier lately so Saturday morning breakfast consisted of home made sausage, scrambled eggs and toast

Home made sausage and toast on the PG1000 for breakfast

Home made sausage and toast on the PG1000 for breakfast

We got to hear our name several times at awards, starting with a 3rd place dessert;

3rd place dessert

3rd place dessert

Followed by 1st place beans, 5th place chicken, and 2nd place ribs. It was interesting that the second place finisher in each of the 4 main categories got a small shovel and a 5 gallon bucket; something about burying the body? Hell, I was tickled pink with 2nd! Our big meats didn’t do so well but we’ll keep working on that.


I know the blog is brief this time, but as I type we’re getting ready for the Scottish Highland Games in McPherson and the American Royal so there’s lots to do.

I do want to take a minute to say it was sure good to see our friends from Little Pig Town who we hadn’t seen all season.

And a special shout out to the ladies of Professionals Today who put on the contest. It was their 29th contest and was a great time for a great cause. Which leads to my tip for this week: Support your local contests and organizers. They worked hard to put on the contest and many, like this one, give the proceeds to a very worthy cause. In this case, the money goes to Hospice.