Oxford Roundup

This past weekend we were invited, nay encouraged to participate in the Oxford Roundup BBQ contest. This is a small, second year backyard style contest that has hopes of becoming a KCBS sanctioned event. It was held in Napawalla Park in Oxford, Kansas. Napawalla Park is a neat little small town park with plenty to offer. It has a shelter house, 2 nice restrooms buildings, lots of trees for shade and about 30 electric hook-ups. Facilities like this are very popular with most KCBS competitors. There were 5 teams entered, at least one of which said this was their first ever contest. We had somewhat of an advantage as far as contest experience goes.

The categories followed KCBS guidelines of chicken, pork ribs, pork butt or shoulder, and brisket. Check-in was at 6am and the first turn in was at 5pm so our timing had to change significantly. We, or I should say I, looked at it as practice and left the pellet cookers at home much to Kristi’s chagrin. I did have a reason though; if we ever do another event like Las Vegas I’ve thought of just using the Weber’s which would mean some 600 pounds less weight in the trailer. I cooked the briskets in the UDS, butts in the 18″ WSM and ribs in the 22″ WSM. The mini was used for the burnt ends.

WSMs and UDS smokers


Once the butts were wrapped the 18″ was used for the chicken. Since it was a backyard contest, we forgo the *#@^ chicken thighs and all the prep work they normally require and did whole chickens. The turn-in containers were interesting, as they were divided Styrofoam containers. We don’t normally publish pictures of our turn in boxes but since the judges will never see anything like this at a KCBS competition, here is our chicken:

Smokin pics 2013 Oxford 016


It was fun to be able to do a whole chicken and turn in slices of breast and pulled dark meat. The other interesting and somewhat challenging part was turn ins were 15 minutes apart instead of the usual 30 minutes. But we got them all in and 45 minutes later the People’s Choice began. We had cooked 2 extra pork butts for that plus we gave away all of our contest leftovers. We had lots of good comments on the food and hoped we were collecting enough votes to win. Although Zoey didn’t really have a vote, I’m pretty sure she would have voted for us if she could have.

Zoey and her rib bone

During the People’s Choice portion there was a small 2 man blues band playing at the shelter house called The Kentucky Gentlemen. They are out of Wichita Kansas and are pretty damn good! We enjoyed their music and even bought a t-shirt to help them out. They are on Facebook so check them out and give them a like:  https://www.facebook.com/KYGblues?fref=ts

Shout out to Brian & MaryAnn and Mel for helping serve for the People’s Choice event. Also to John, Candice and her family, and to Brian, Robin and their family for coming out to support us.

When the judges scores were tallied and the People’s Choice votes counted, we had made a clean sweep of the contest taking 1st place in all 4 meat categories plus winning  People’s Choice. Our prize was a really nice laser engraved marble tile.

Smokin pics 2013 Oxford 023


I really do hope they get this to be a KCBS sanctioned contest as I doubt they will invite us back next year if it isn’t. I wish them the best and hope to be there again next year.